Terms of Service

- No refunds will be issued after the I start working on a commission (unless if for any reason I might not be able to deliver your artwork you will be issued a full refund.)- All commissions are for personal use only unless discussed otherwise- I don't allow for my artwork to be turned into NFTs.- Credit me if you use/post my artwork- My pieces will include a small nametag at the bottom unless discussed otherwise

Will/Will not draw

- I am happy to draw almost anything other than babies or racist/sexist imagery- Anything magical supernatural and or dark I am really fond of so if your commission includes theese themes I am more likely to lower the price a bit


- My prices largely depend on complexity and range anywhere from 30-600 usd so it is best that you send me your idea and I can give you a rate there

Commission Process

Contact me via email: [email protected] or instagram dm, including the following information:- Intended use of the artwork- A thorough description of your idea including reference images (if you dont have one and would like to leave things up to me in some aspects let me know that as well)- Feel free to refer to an artwork of mine where you like the style/certain stylistic elements, I will make sure to incorporate that into your drawing :)- Preferred format/dimensions (standard is 3000x3000 px at 300dpi)- Deadline if there is one, additional charge will be added for short deadlines (my usual deadlines are around 2 weeks)The commission will go the following way- Half of the funds are sent my way via PayPal business transfer (please include your email and a general name of the piece)- After that I start working on a sketch which I will send to you for possible changes tweaks etc this will be a rough draft of the design with no colors etc- Once the sketch looks good to both of us I move onto linework and smooth out and solidify the design so it can later be colored during this phase the design itself doesn’t change much from the sketch form wise so most changes regarding form should be made in the sketch stage- Then once linework is good for both of us I move onto coloring where you can obviously give your input to change colors etc- Once the final piece is agreed upon (it will have a watermark on it until final payment) the second half of the funds is payed via the same method mentioned before.- After the payment I send over all of the needed files via email- Changes can be made at any point and time but major changes should be made regarding to form and basic design in the sketch stage if the piece is almost complete and you would like to go a whole different route even tho there was a previous agreement on the sketch than that will need to be paired with additional payments!Important note regarding payment!Due to some changes in Hungary regarding personal businesses I am no longer allowed to take payments from paypal accounts that are registered as businesses.I will only take payments from personal paypal account.If a payment is sent from a business paypal account you will be refunded and the commission will be canceled unless payment can be made from a personal account instead.If anything is not clear or you have any questions feel free to contact me and ask I am happy to help lets make something awesome :)